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Artist at Work

Artist's Statement

Light, color, and form are the elements I use to capture your attention. My photographs draw you in to notice the texture of a grassy hillside, an oak tree shrouded in fog, or the way sunlight reaches across a field. I strive to heighten your perception. I encourage you to look deeper.

My challenge is to capture images that are not only beautiful but also allow you to experience what it was like out in the field and to have that experience evoke thoughts, feelings, or memories. If the observer stops, looks, and stays with the photograph—then I have accomplished my goal.

My photographs are often mistaken for paintings, but they are straight photographs. To ensure that my prints last a long time, I make archival-quality prints, and use museum-quality mats.

Fine art photography is my full-time pursuit. My challenge is to capture beauty in a way that inspires others to look deeper and experience a renewed sense of awe of the world we live in.


Since leaving the computer field in the year 2000 to pursue his fine art photography full time, Lance has become an avid explorer of California's less traveled back roads. With his love for all things well-designed, simple and elegant, his work has been focused on the connection to the landscape. The sense of place, its light and mood, creates timeless collectable artwork. Lance relies on available light, which he believes best captures the essence of what he is seeing, as it is connected to a season or a time. He has been greatly influenced by Ansel Adams and Edward Weston and their ability to enthrall through composition and natural light.

He is fascinated by the technical side of mastery, a pursuit he continues to hone daily with practice and through teaching workshops for other photographers of all levels. He takes them to little known places of beauty around the West.

Lance first studied photography in high school in the Central Valley where he grew up. He was admitted directly into the advanced photography classes at the University of California at Santa Cruz upon presenting his work to the head of the photography department. His sense of beauty and aesthetics became more finely honed while studying abroad in France.

Lance has won many awards for his work and his photography has appeared in numerous publications. His works are in private collections in over 40 states, internationally, and have been in museum shows. His prints have been sold nationally by The Pottery Barn and are currently being sold by Editions Limited. Lance co-founded the Riverfront Art Gallery located in the town of Petaluma. The gallery was voted "Best Gallery in Sonoma County" for six years in a row. Lance lives in Sonoma County and continues to marvel that he can refer to its back roads as his "office."