Petaluma Landmarks

This portfolio showcases images of places and events that make Petaluma special.


Some places have characteristics that make them unique, in spite of chain stores. This is especially true of Petaluma, incorporated in 1858, and one of the oldest cities in California. Here you will find iconic places and events that make this a beautiful place to live in and visit.


I have lived in Petaluma for many years, and these images are unlike my other work.


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You an see and purchase these prints at the Riverfront Art Gallery in Petaluma, as well as through this website.


I wanted to do a show at Riverfront Art Gallery about Petaluma, but I wasn't satisfied with using straight photographs, so I put the project on hold.


While experimenting with Photoshop scripts that make photos look like paintings, I finally got the look I was after for this project. To create these images, I run a script and choose areas that I want to remain "realistic", and then I edit the layers afterwards until I get the result I am looking for.


Below are a few examples of "before" and "after".