About the Prints

Prints made by Lance and signed and numbered by him.

Lance uses the finest museum-quality materials to make his prints.


The archival paper he uses is made by a German company that has been making fine art paper for over 430 years, and the photographs are printed on an Epson professional archival pigment printer with excellent color.


The archival museum mat boards he uses are made of 100% cotton and purchased directly from the manufacturer in upstate New York.


The frames he uses are made of wood and fronted with glass, not acrylic. Metal wire is strung along the back of the framed prints for hanging. There are no synthetic materials in these prints.


He only prints on paper and the largest sizes reach up to 20 inches on the short side of the print. The mat boards are only in white, and the main frame color choices are black and brown. The black can be in shades of gray, and there can be various shades of brown. To learn more about the materials, click button below.

How Lance Makes Prints

High-quality prints by a professional printer, at a lower cost.

About the Professional Printer


The software I am using to allow you to order prints directly from an outside printer was created by BayPhoto in Santa Cruz. The prints will likely be made by BayPhoto, (although not necessarily). I have used BayPhoto for all of my canvas and metal prints, and I actually used their color darkrooms back when I was a student at UC Santa Cruz, so I have a very long association with that company. Their quality is top-notch.

Archival Paper Prints


These prints use papers and inks that are similar to Lance's prints. The prints are offered 2 different ways:


1) Bare prints that are ready to mat and frame any way you want. They come in 3 different paper surfaces.


2) Framed and ready to hang. These prints can be framed in a wide variety of frame styles. These prints are framed without mat boards and the image fills the entire frame, photographs that don't exactly fit the frame can be cropped by you to your liking.


If you want a framed print that is matted, then order a bare print and get it framed in any style you like.

Metal Prints


These prints are dyes infused into aluminum. There are a wide variety of surface finishes you can choose from. Some images that don't exactly match the aspect ratio of the metal print can by cropped by you to your liking. These are long-lasting prints that can handle high-humidity environments.

Canvas Prints


These prints are traditional canvas prints that are stretched over a wooden frame. They can be hung unframed, or you can frame them yourself. These canvases are 1-1/2 inches deep. You can choose how the edges are printed.

How Vendor Makes Prints

Purchase Recommendations

If you want...


To purchase a fine art paper print at the lowest price and frame it your way.

Purchase a bare print from the professional printer and save 25%, 40% or more. There is also a much wider choice of sizes, including sizes too big for Lance to print.


To purchase a signed print that exactly matches the colors Lance intended and frame it your way.

Purchase the bare print from Lance.  Lance will sign and number the back of the print. Lance cannot make prints as large as the outside vendor if you want a really large print, you'll have to use the outside vendor.


To purchase a matted print signed and numbered by Lance, that you can frame in the frame of your choice.

Purchase a matted print from Lance. If you want a mat color that is not white, then purchase a bare print from Lance or the professional printer instead and have it matted and/or framed.


To purchase a framed print at the lowest cost.

Purchase the print from the professional printer, if the print is not matted, the image will fill the entire frame. Cost is generally 25% lower than a framed print of the same size made by Lance. Framed prints with a mat will crop the image in most cases (how it is cropped is decided by you).


To purchase a framed print with a mat.

Only prints with certain aspect ratios can be matted by the outside vendor without cropping. If a framed print doesn't come with an un-cropped print option from the outside vendor, you can purchase a framed and matted print by Lance which will display the entire image without cropping. It will cost more than using the professional printer, and frame choices are more limited.


To purchase a metal print.

Purchase it from the professional printer.


To purchase a canvas print.

Purchase it from the professional printer.