Eastern Sierras


This is one of the best areas for landscape photography, period! Highway 395 runs all along the eastern side of the Sierras. It is one of the best roads to travel and photograph. There are alpine lakes, ghost towns, national parks and BLM lands. Many landscape photographers move here, for a good reason.


The Seasons



Fall arrives here well before most parts of California. The aspens start "quaking" with their bright yellow leaves. The alpine lakes are easily accessible, as well as Bristlecone Pines, Bodie ghost town, Mono Lake, etc.



After the first major storm, most passes are closed. You can take great photographs at this time of year, but travel will be difficult and the weather will be harsh. Bristlecone Pines, Devil's Postpile, and other places are closed.



Spring arrives late. There is snow in the mountains and most of the passes are closed. It's a good time for photography, but travel can be difficult in some places.



This is when much of the snow has melted and things are most green. All passes will be open. It is a great time to photograph, but you won't be alone. It's a high season.

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