"Fading Away"



I was teaching a landscape class when I took this. This is on one of my favorite roads in Sonoma County. I have photographed here many times, but this is the first photograph that I have exhibited from this part of the county.


One goal of my work is to celebrate the past as well as that which is eternal. California was once covered with old-growth forests. These were clearcut to make buildings of great craftsmanship and character. Now those buildings are "fading away" so that we have neither the old-growth forests nor the structures that were built out of them.


In a few generations, I think most of the old farm structures will disappear like the forests did. Having said all that, I think this photograph has a great peacefulness and serenity about it.


TITLE : Fading Away

CAMERA : Canon 1DS Mark II, 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 lens

SHOT :  March 24, 2007

PLACE : Sonoma County