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Wine Country


"Napa Red"


I often pass scenes while driving and then decide if it is worth going back to photograph them. My wife was riding with me this time and agreed this was worth going back for. She didn't like this picture at all, but it is exactly what I envisioned. A study in simplicity. The colors are bold, yet the lighting is subtle. I think this makes this picture ethereal. It is inspired by landscape paintings I see by other local artists.


A limited edition of this photo was sold by Pottery Barn in the Fall of 2008. This barn was a short distance from the origin of the "Tubbs Fire" of 2017, the fire that burned all the way to Santa Rosa, and this barn no longer exists. It was one of the oldest barns in Napa Valley and now only exists in pictures.


November 13, 2005


Napa Valley, Napa County, California

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