5 Days (or longer) Photo Tours


Sometimes you need to photograph incredible lands in distant places.


These tours will put you to the test. Like boot camp (but in a fun way). If you are an advanced photographer, prepare to see some very special places. If you are a beginning photographer, you won't be a beginner at the end.


The time of year chosen for these tours is optimal for photography. We attempt to avoid peak season, so the visit is fantastic and affordable. You choose your lodging (with suggestions from Lance). It can be as luxurious or as inexpensive as you wish. Feel free to bring family.


Here is a typical schedule if we start on a Saturday:


Saturday morning we leave Petaluma. If our destination can be reached in a day, we get to our hotel by nightfall, photographing on the way.


The next day we fall into a routine of photographing as we shoot all day, taking a break if the light is not good. During the week we may get up 2 or 3 times before dawn to photograph. We usually do this when staying in the same place twice, so that we can rest at mid-day, and be ready to shoot again in the afternoon. Practice makes perfect, but constructive criticism will get you there faster. There can be one or two sessions for critiquing your images during the workshop, to help you make your images stronger.


Everyday will be packed taking photographs until the light is gone. This continues until the day before we go back. On the last day, we may get up early to take advantage of sunrise. We will time our arrival in Petaluma for Friday evening, stopping to photograph along the way. Lance will arrange a way to share your pictures with the group on-line if you want, after the workshop is over.


Depending on your tastes in lodging and food, and whether you partner up, expect to pay between $75 and $250 per day for the trip (outside of tuition, and gas costs). People who follow Lance's lodging and restaurant suggestions typically pay less than $125 per day for food and lodging when staying in a single room.


Exotic Locations


We often go to places that aren't easy to get to, but are well worth the drive (even worth getting up at dawn).

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All workshops are for every skill level, from beginner to expert. Beginners will practice using their camera with guidance. Advanced photographers can concentrate on exploring new locations to photograph.

Those in between can always ask questions when they need advice.

Student Feedback

“I’ve taken several workshops from Lance, and he’s always been generous in sharing his knowledge and experience in the creative and technical aspects of photography, along with his deep business knowledge in helping artists find audiences for their work.”