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Marin County


"Rural Geometry"


I am often asked about my photographs, "Is that real?". The answer is, yes! You wouldn't notice this building 360+ days of the year, but this day the sun was casting deep shadows after weeks of heavy rain. I saw this from very far away and came closer to photograph it, emphasizing the shapes and shadows.


I often meet the owners of properties I photograph. In this case, a woman who is a descendant of the man who built this barn in the 1800's and whose brother still works the land. He grazes sheep and they graze close to the ground, which is why the grass in back is green. The grass in front is yellow (because they graze cows). The tin roof is two different shades because they didn't buy enough tin to re-roof the barn and had to buy more.


January 6, 2006


Tomales, California

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