Fall reaches the Sierra before it reaches the Bay Area. We will be based in the Mammoth Lakes/Bishop area. We will travel via Yosemite and will pass through Yosemite Valley in the afternoon and Tuolumne Meadows in the very late afternoon. We will visit alpine lakes on the other side. We may also visit: Bodie Ghost Town, Mono Lake, Bristlecone Pines, Devil's Postpile, etc.


We may photograph buildings, as well as landscapes. We will shoot in a variety of lighting conditions, from bright lakes to dark forest.


Our Focus

Using histograms, the workshop will focus on how to photograph in harsh light, capturing detail in both the light and dark areas of a scene. If it is overcast, we will go over the settings needed to get vibrant pictures.


General Topics Covered

We will build up your technical foundation no matter your current level, including:


Focusing, depth of field, and image sharpness

Getting the ideal exposure for each situation

Proper camera settings to get high quality images

When, how, and what filters to use to improve images

Evoking a sense of place and emotion in your imagery

How to spot new ways of identifying strong compositions

The exact locations of beautiful places to photograph

Capturing the "spirit of your subjects", and not just their surfaces


Workshop Notes


CLASS SIZE: Limited to 5 participants


We will leave Petaluma on Monday around 10 AM (or you can meet up with us in Mammoth Lakes). The workshop will be based out of Mammoth Lakes and/or Bishop. Our subjects will be chosen based on weather conditions at the time. There will also be an optional post-workshop critique of your images a few weeks after the workshop has ended. A map of our itinerary will be supplied after the workshop, so that you can re-visit any of places we visited. We will make short stops on the way to the Sierra as needed. Suggested places for lodging will be given after registration.


Due to Covid19, we will only carpool with people who were vaccinated.


The fee is for tuition only. It does not include transportation, lodging, any park entrance fees, or meals.











Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra

Monday-Friday - 2022 Dates TBD - 10:00 AM - $595

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