3 Day (Weekend) Outings


These take place in California. Driving time is between 2 and 6 hours, and routes are chosen so that we can photograph along the way. Lance typically leaves in the late morning or early afternoon on a Friday (if on a weekend). The workshop begins Friday evening when we meet up for the first time (if you travel to the destination independently). We often meet over dinner and a plan is made for the next day based on weather. We may photograph Friday evening if there is an opportunity.


Depending on the weather, we may get up before dawn on Saturday or Sunday to photograph sunrise. If it is overcast, then we get up later. We take a break on Saturday if the light gets bad. If the light is good, we keep shooting. We meet up again in the evening if we take a break.


Mid-workshop, you can get a critique by Lance of your images. This gives you feedback on your photographs while you are creating them. Sunday around mid-day, the workshop ends, but you can continue to photograph with Lance while he is on site, as well as on the way to Petaluma. You will receive a map after class showing you the stops, allowing you to go back and photograph the places on your own.


Ideal Places at the Ideal Time


Workshops take place at a prime time of year for photographing a particular region. You choose your own lodging (with suggestions by Lance). It can be as luxurious or inexpensive as you wish. Bring the family!


Practice Makes Perfect


Photographing for hours makes you familiar with gear & technique, allowing you to concentrate on creating images.

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All workshops are for every skill level, from beginner to expert. Beginners will practice using their camera with guidance. Advanced photographers can concentrate on exploring new locations to photograph.

Those in between can always ask questions when they need advice.

Student Feedback

“Excellent opportunity to shoot with a very experienced and well known landscape photographer”