Landscape Photography Workshops

Photograph inspiring locations while networking with fellow photographers and making new friends. Have fun while understanding your gear better as you learn skills and improve your photographic vision. You will take pictures for the rest of your life, why not make them better?


For over 15 years, Lance has wandered the back roads of the North Bay Area, exploring nearly every road and open space between San Francisco and Mendocino. For over a decade, he has been sharing his knowledge of photography and places to photograph through his workshops.

All workshops are for every skill level, from beginner to expert. Beginners will practice using their camera with guidance. Advanced photographers can concentrate on exploring new locations to photograph.

Those in between can always ask questions when they need advice. Check them out.


3 Day (Weekend) Workshops

Sometimes you want a few days of pure photography. These workshops take place in California. Driving time is between 2 and 6 hours. The routes are chosen so that we can photograph on the way.

These workshops usually go from Friday night to Sunday morning (on weekends). At the end, you can continue with Lance while he is on site, or revisit favorite spots.

Weekend Workshops


Afternoon Outings

Afternoon Outings

These are designed for people who want to find places to photograph, or want to learn in small doses. People repeat these outings when they want to go to the next level, or want to discover more cool places to photograph.

These are in the North Bay and last around 6 hours. Start times depend on the season. We carpool from Lance's studio, or you can join along the way.


Custom Workshops

Lance teaches workshops tailored to your needs for any length of time, anywhere on the planet.

There is a set price for each custom workshop. The cost can be shared among several people to bring the cost per person down. Contact him for a free quote on your dream workshop.

Custom Workshops


5 Day (or longer) Photo Tours

Sometimes you want to photograph in distant places. These tours test you, like boot camp, but in a fun way.

If you are advanced, prepare to see special places.

Beginners, won't be one at the end.

These are classic road trips centered on photography.

Photo Tours


Online Photography Talks

This is a new offering by Lance.

On a regular basis, there will be an free online Zoom meeting where your questions are answered.

The meetings last 30 minutes. There is no obligation for you to speak, you can just listen if you want.

Photo Seminars

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Student Feedback

“This is my first but not my last. Lance is a great teacher at a subtle yet effective level and cannot wait to have my next workshop with him.

A true pro.”