Yosemite National Park


This place is so beautiful that in the middle of the Civil War, Lincoln signed a bill to protect this area, all because of early landscape photographs by people like Carlton Watkins. The valley is a showcase, but it is often crowded. In the summer it can be impossible to visit on a weekend as they sometimes restrict entry into the valley to only those who have lodging reservations.


The Seasons



This is a great time to photograph in the valley, the crowds are much smaller, but the weather is still pleasant. The valley can be misty and many of the trees turn color, making for great images.



During major storms, most of the entrances to the park can be closed at times. It makes you think you have the park to yourself (which is almost true). When it is snowing, it is a winter wonderland, and so quiet.



The crowds start to pick up, but it is not super crowded yet. Glacier Point and Tuolumne Meadows may be closed well into spring, but the waterfalls are going crazy with peak flow. The woods below can have water rushing all along the forest floor. A great sight!



The weather is pleasant and the place is beautiful, but don't come here on a weekend if you don't like crowds.

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Friday-Sunday, January 13th-15th


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